KVS Circulars/Orders/RTI

  1. Compensatory Leave to the teaching staff of KVs-15-01-14
  2. Yoga Education in KVs-30-12-13
  3. KVS Limited Dept Exam 2012-14 and 2013-13 dated 28-10-2013
  4. Syllabus and Scheme for LDE-VP (previous year)
  5. Vacation n Breaks in KVS 2014-15
  6. Utilization Services of PGTCS 11-08-2009
  7. Reduction in Weight School Bag 29-12-2009
  8. KVS Reply RTI on CCL (ref. kvs acad letter 02/04/2003)
  9. Revised Time Table as per RTE 17-02-2012
  10. Retaintion of Qtr on Transfer H VH Station 25-09-2007
  11. Service Book in Duplicate 13-08-2007
  12. Fee Concession IGNOU 06-06-2001
  13. Fee Concession IGNOU letters 24-02-2005
  14. Fixation of Life of IT Goods 31-10-2011
  15. Benchmarking of Computer Lab
  16. Condemnation n Disposal of IT Equipments 26-08-2009
  17. BB Connection n Rotation of Lab Attd 05-09-2008
  18. KVS Revised Fee Structure from 01-04-2013
  19. Guideline for Teachers Workload 06-01-2012
  20. Staff Room Improvement KVSRO Chandigarh 30-10-2003
  21. CCL Clarification KVSRO Jaipur 15-09-2011
  22. Clarification – Regularization of Intervening Period KVS Reply to AC Dehradun 25-11-05

KVS reply on Various Issues raised through RTI Act-2005

  1. RTI-Joining Time EL
  2. RTI-Joining Time EL n LTC
  3. RTI -CCL

KVS Orders on 6PC

  1. KVS 6PC 02-02-2009
  2. KVS 6PC 27-11-2008
  3. KVS 6PC 18-11-2008

KVS Orders on NPS

  1. NPS amount to be Uploaded Timely 09-07-2013
  2. NPS Axis Bank Contact Details 28-06-2013
  3. NPS Add Relief on Death Disability 20-03-2014


  1. Your efforts are outstanding. Website is excellent.

    But nothing written/uploaded about Medical reimbursement and related rules. so try for its upload.

  2. sir,
    i liked this site.
    ur efforets to educate kv teachers is worth appreciable.
    if possible add a corner to express doubts and a chance for others to clarify.
    keep up ur efforts

  3. sir, if you have any circular of transportation allowance specially for north-eastern region employee kindly mail to me.
    thank you

    ayush malviya
    pgt biology

  4. Sir you have circular about EL for transfer from winter to summer station, because of different vacation days, please share with me.
    Thanking you.

  5. Respected sir,
    If you have any circular/GO related to quarter allotment in kv campus. Pls tell me.
    Thanxs with regards
    Neeraj Khulbe

  6. sir, if you have any circular of
    how many max min period take in a week PGTs? kindly mail
    to me.
    thank you

  7. I came across your website and is good quite good. Although i need a small help could you upload a few sample papers for the exams happened with kv so far. It helps candidates a lot

  8. SIR
    I have joined hard station on 7th july 2014 on administrative ground (under 40) by the transfer order dated 30th june,2014.
    please let me know whether my tenure for hard station will be counted for the same year(2014-15) or not.


  9. सर कृपया हार्ड वेरी हार्ड नार्थ ईस्ट ओनली

    वन टेन्योर मैंडेटरी से सम्बंधित आर टी आई का जबाब दें ।

  10. Sir you have circular about EL for transfer from winter to summer and summer to winter station, because of different vacation days, please share with me.
    Thanking you.

  11. dear sirs kindly send circular regarding time period to claim children education allowance if not submitted in financial year

  12. sir , i have twin babies of 1.5 year, i want to know that

    Is there is any circular in kvs for exemption from escorting duty and trainings etc when any female emplyoee has small child ?

  13. Awesome website

    I want a copy of letter about the reimbursement of transfer travelling claim in absence of toll tax slip

    Kindly help me

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