KVS Proforma/Forms

Commonly Used Forms/Proformas:

  1. Application-familyPensionCS67
  2. ApplicationForSanctionOfPFCS63
  3. ApplicationForTransferOfPFBalanceCS45C
  4. ChildrenEducationalAllowanceCS33
  5. ComparativeStatementCS13
  6. ConsolidatedAnnualReturnPFCS46A
  7. ConstructionFundRequisitionCS15
  8. ContractualAcceptanceCS73
  9. ContractualTeacherAgreementCS72
  10. ConversionOfPFAdvanceToWithdrawlCS46
  11. DetailsOfGPF-AdvancesCS46B2
  12. FamilyDetailsCS63A
  13. FeeConcessionApplication
  14. FestivalAdvanceApplication
  15. FormForPaymentsCS41
  16. HostelSubsidyCS35
  17. LastPayCertificateCS37
  18. ListOfArticlesForWriteOffCS-49
  19. LTCAdvanceApplication
  20. MedicalBill-CS32
  21. MonthlyFundFlowCS1
  22. MonthlyFundRequisitionCS2
  23. MonthlyStatementVVNCS38
  24. NOC for Obtaining Passport
  25. Nomination for Retirement Gratuity
  26. PayBillCertificateCS14
  27. PensionAuthorisationCS64
  28. PensionGrauityAssessmentFormCS64A
  29. PensionPapersForwardingCS64
  30. PeriodicalIncrementCertificate
  31. PFAdvanceApplicationCS44
  32. PFAdvanceSanctionOrderCS44A
  33. PFBroadsheetCS40
  34. PFfinalPaymentApplicationCS45A
  35. PFTransferAdviceCS46C
  36. PFWithdrawlApplicationCS45
  37. PostageStampAccountCS31
  38. Postage Stamp Vouchar
  39. RegisterOfBreakageCS-48
  40. ReportOfLossOfArticlesCS-47
  41. StatementOfConstructionProgressCS71
  42. StatementOfPFallotmentsCS43
  43. TuitionFeeReimbursement34
  44. TutionFeesReimbursement34A
  45. Confirmation_Profoma
  47. RTI Application Sample1
  48. RTI Application Sample2
  49. Quotation Proforma for Supply of Articles
  50. Quotation Proforma for AMC

KVS Bilingual Proformas – KVS_Bilingual_Proformas

Annual Inspection Proformas:

  1. Inspection Report Appendix A
  2. Inspection Assesment Criteria Appendix B
  3. Inspection Report Annexure 3
  4. Inspection Report Overall
  5. Inspection Tool – Teacher
  6. Inspection Proforma – Teacher

Condemnation Proforma:

  • Download Form CS-49 from Sr. No. 18
  • CONDEMNATION_ FILE (calculate the the depreciation)

National Award Format & Guidelines:

KVS Transfer Form – 2014:

KVS Proforma for Selection Scale:


हिंदी राजभाषा प्रपत्र (to be filled during Annual Inspection) 



  1. sir your efforts are precious
    because it is very difficult to get account code this time
    i m very greatful to you

  2. Sir,
    If an employee complete a tenure 3 year at hard station than gat transfer at normal station & taken TTA benefit.
    next he employee complete one year at normal Station than again transferred to hard Station on request.
    what he employee can taking again TTA BENEFITS PLEASE REPLY ME URGENT

  3. request to make an on line staff bio data profoorma to create the data base of all the employees, post wise to view pay anamolies in particular cadre

  4. Someone plz send soft copy of employee welfare scheme performa in my mail as it is necessarily require to up and to paste on back of my service book.

  5. sir/madam,
    In the format for nomination regarding EWS/GPF/GRATUITY two columns are not found -which is related to minors-when comparing with Govt. of india format.pl.clarify the same at the earliest
    (8 columns in govt of Indias and 6 columns in KVS-kindly clarify whether it is an error or the second one KVS accepted officially)

  6. sir/Madam Its really very useful for the employees who are not in touch with the rules and regulations of KV Sangathan

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